Partnership Program

PM Catalyst global partnership program is actively growing. We welcome inquiries from the companies and individuals interested in action learning approach.

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IPMA Championship

PM Catalyst has become an official action learning partner of IPMA Young Crew World Championship Finals. Simulation workshops and competence assessment sessions for your organizational development.

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Strategy Catalyst

Learn about our flagship simulation workshop. Improve your organization's capacity to execute business strategy, build cross-departmental alignment, and deliver business value.

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Stakeholder Catalyst

Learn about best practices of stakeholder and risk management. Bring new equilibrium of balanced skills to your organisation. Deliver projects successfully.

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Why Partner

PM Catalyst business model is built around a "sustainable business success" principle and is always open to new partnerships across the world. PM Catalyst operates globally via a strong and viable regional associates and partners. By doing so, PM Catalyst is able to address the end customer project and portfolio management experiential learning and skills acquisition needs in a highly effective fashion, accommodating local peculiarities, culture, delivery approaches, and local languages.

We bring business to partners in a number of ways.

  • First of all, since PM Catalyst strategy is to work with and through its partners, many delivery requests we receive are forwarded to a local partner - in the Americas, Europe, and other parts of the globe, depending on the region of request
  • Secondly, PM Catalyst enjoys direct working relationships with Global 500 corporations HQs and fulfils requests for global deliveries via the regional partners, bringing them into the multinational training contracts.
  • Thirdly, PM Catalyst is closely working with its Advisory Board and major international Project and Portfolio management organizations and associations, such as IPMA Association and PMI Chapters chapters, bringing additional visibility to both the products and the delivery partners operating in the region.

We carefully select our regional partners, monitor the market and only add a partner where there is enough business for everybody without unnecessary competition within the network. After all, it is "sustainable business success" and ’win-win’ principles that matter in a long-term and successful business partnership.

Please see Delivery Partnership section for forms of partnership available at this moment.


For both CDP and ARP partners we offer them our support and marketing cooperation in the following areas:

  • Marketing Demo sessions & Materials
  • Renowned Advisory Board
  • Facilitation tips and Trainer's Guides updates
  • Simulation version control / PMBoK & major standard-specific updates
  • New global PM simulation product announcements
  • Capacity for localization and custom simulation development

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Expanding your services or training portfolio? Interested in applying hands-on action learning solutions to solve your customer needs? We are always looking for partners.

The value of simulations

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