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PM Catalyst global partnership program is actively growing. We welcome inquiries from the companies and individuals interested in action learning approach.

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IPMA Championship

PM Catalyst has become an official action learning partner of IPMA Young Crew World Championship Finals. Simulation workshops and competence assessment sessions for your organizational development.

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Strategy Catalyst

Learn about our flagship simulation workshop. Improve your organization's capacity to execute business strategy, build cross-departmental alignment, and deliver business value.

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Stakeholder Catalyst

Learn about best practices of stakeholder and risk management. Bring new equilibrium of balanced skills to your organisation. Deliver projects successfully.

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“We get to the point from total chaos to the projects being run smoothly. And the time pressure is a perfect enabler for the teamwork”

President of National Project Management Association
European Union

“This workshop is a fantastic and clear way to provide participants with a chance to experience project fail factors in a controlled environment. It really helps you to take experiences away to be very successful in real-life project management. Every project manager should experience this!”

Rui Oliveira
PMO Manager
EDP Group

“This simulation helped us to train under circumstances more similar to the real life, than the exercises in the books. It helps developing better ways of thinking and leading a project.”

Angela Francisco
Civil Engineer
Lena Group (Engineering & Construction)

“Excellent real-life experience. Great way of learning and achieving more while gaining deeper knowledge.”

Carla Ferreira
Talent Manager
Talent People

“Stakeholder Catalyst is a great mix of best practice and action under time pressure. Stakeholder engagement coupled with risk and change management is essential in running successful projects across industries. I was pleased to see how you can make mistakes, reflect, and then improve within a very short period of time. Efficient learning.”

Regional Director for Science & Technology
Fortune 500 Company, Netherlands


“The most beneficial was going from disorganized into organized state. Simulation is active, engaging, fun.”

Sami Dadu, Senior Project Manager

“Time pressure and ability to see the big picture.”

Oskari Leipajoki

“Strategy Catalyst is ideal for organizations that want to see their strategies aligned across the business units and the Management Board. I particularly appreciated the realism of getting to the essence of stakeholder involvement, risk, and communication management during the training.”

Regional Director for Science & Technology
Fortune 500 Company, Netherlands

“I liked group work with different professionals and enjoyed real-life environment.”

Anna Nummi

“Everything happens very quickly, so we needed to think quickly, too. The best point for me was the interaction between all groups during the simulation. We discussed serious problems and had fun at the same time.”

Maria Serra
EDP Distribution

“I particularly liked seeing the big picture across the organization. That’s what we need.”

Unit Manager
Construction Company, Finland


Senior and middle management from the following organizations attended:

  • EDP Group
  • Skanska
  • Rolls Royce
  • Ixonos
  • ABB
  • PT Telecom
  • Momentti Oy
  • LENA Group
  • Bright Partners
  • Forest Agency
  • KONE / Major Project
  • Projektipaivat
  • NordicID
  • University of Helsinki
  • University of Zagreb
    (German Association for Project Management)
  • IPMA Global Congress 2012
  • IPMA Global Congress 2013

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