Partnership Program

PM Catalyst global partnership program is actively growing. We welcome inquiries from the companies and individuals interested in action learning approach.

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IPMA Championship

PM Catalyst has become an official action learning partner of IPMA Young Crew World Championship Finals. Simulation workshops and competence assessment sessions for your organizational development.

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Strategy Catalyst

Learn about our flagship simulation workshop. Improve your organization's capacity to execute business strategy, build cross-departmental alignment, and deliver business value.

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Stakeholder Catalyst

Learn about best practices of stakeholder and risk management. Bring new equilibrium of balanced skills to your organisation. Deliver projects successfully.

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Delivery Partnership


Typically, we consider two types of partnerships (without excluding any other proposals you may have).

  • Certified Delivery Partner (CDP) is the main format, where, after a one-off Train-the-Trainer program, partner organization delivers PM Catalyst products on its own using their Certified Trainers force. CDP only buys license from PM Catalyst for such deliveries.
  • Authorized Reseller Partner (ARP) is the alternative format, which also allows partner organization to add PM Catalyst products in their portfolio. ARP will then buy license for delivery and PM Catalyst will provide Certified Trainer to deliver experiential learning products to the end Customer.


In order to become a Partner, organizations will have to sign a License Agreement which grants non-exclusive right to deliver PM Catalyst products in a specific region or regions of the globe.

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The value of simulations


Expanding your services or training portfolio? Interested in applying hands-on action learning solutions to solve your customer needs? We are always looking for partners.

The value of simulations

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