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PM Catalyst global partnership program is actively growing. We welcome inquiries from the companies and individuals interested in action learning approach.

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IPMA Championship

PM Catalyst has become an official action learning partner of IPMA Young Crew World Championship Finals. Simulation workshops and competence assessment sessions for your organizational development.

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Strategy Catalyst

Learn about our flagship simulation workshop. Improve your organization's capacity to execute business strategy, build cross-departmental alignment, and deliver business value.

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Stakeholder Catalyst

Learn about best practices of stakeholder and risk management. Bring new equilibrium of balanced skills to your organisation. Deliver projects successfully.

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What if a project manager got to spend hundreds of millions of US dollars, negotiate with multiple international governments, and fit years of challenging negotiations all into a single day? And what if they came away from it with all of the learning and experience, but none of the risk?

The Stakeholder Catalyst (also known asThe Dam Challenge) is a revolutionary way to learn practical, real-world skills in project management. Based around the idea of a “serious games” paradigm, our unique training programme abandons traditional lecturing to focus on higher-order understanding and skill testing.

And what better space to learn in than the same type of environment you’re likely to encounter in real life? Our engaging platform means you’ll be challenged with all the variables while still having the freedom and confidence to experiment. Run by a team of professional facilitators, this is an advanced simulation specifically geared towards developing hands-on project management abilities.

Apart from being an exciting new way to develop your expertise, our one-of-a-kind experience is also designed to help you gain and implement teamwork skills. Delegates will learn how to deal with obstacles and make tough decisions, maximise future learning potential, and do it all in a dynamic and exciting scenario.


According to research, adults are far more likely to engage in higher-level learning when they practically implement newfound information. By using their knowledge to solve a challenging problem in a high-pressure situation, their chances of understanding and skill acquisition are vastly improved, regardless of the outcome of the situation itself.

The Stakeholder Catalyst adapts this thinking in an exciting way to maximise learning potential. It follows a hypothetical scenario where Country A commissions a project to construct a hydroelectric dam on a river protected by an international treaty. The project must take place within three years of “virtual time”, and with a budget not exceeding USD 750 million.

Between difficult trade-offs, stakeholders with competing interests, and an intense, multiple-risk scenario, participants are continuously challenged to adapt to the task at hand. Teamwork is also a key component of the simulation, and multiple competitors compete against each other and the clock as they learn the value of working in a team-based environment.

Furthermore, the benefits of The Stakeholder Catalyst go far beyond the time spent at the event. Participants are frequently encouraged to reflect on their experiences at key points in the simulation to help identify what lessons they’re learning. These are led by an experienced facilitator who focuses on asking questions rather than their answers, a process that gets delegates to properly consider and understand their decisions.


  • Learn key project management concepts including stakeholder, risk, change, and team management in practice
  • Assess personal project management skills and discover strengths and weaknesses in a real-time competitive environment
  • Receive expert training and advice on common fail-and-success factors in stakeholder, risk, scope and team management and how to apply these in the real world
  • Develop skills to deal with unanticipated changes
  • Learn the nature of decision-making processes and skills involving trade-offs among competing priorities
  • Engage in Q&A on managing project elements from professional project and risk managers facilitating the game
  • Reflecting on lessons learned to maximise understanding
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